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Dynasonics offers four different flow measurement technologies to satisfy a variety of customer application requirements.  The selection of the proper technology is pertinent to the satisfactory operation of the flow measurement instrument.

To assist you in determining the best technology for your application, please select from the following tools:

Application Data Sheet (666KB)
Product Summary Guide (2,675KB)
Product Selection Guide

Product Categories

  • Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters - Non-invasive meters with superb accuracy and response characteristics. Intended for clean liquids.
  • Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meters - For liquids with a minimum of 100 PPM of 100 micron size suspended solids or aeration.
  • Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow Meters - Utilizes both Doppler and transit time ultrasonic sound techniques and automatically selects the correct technology to accurately measure the volumetric flow of clean, solids-bearing or gaseous liquids on full pipes.
  • NEW! Portable Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow and Energy Meter - Automatically switches between transit time and Doppler modes as needed. Includes 7" full color touch-screen display, ability to store site-specific settings using plain text, and an advanced software interface.


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